Mike Read


KMA Maker Profile – Mike Read

When I left school I trained and qualified as a Marine Engineer but didn’t take to life at sea, there were so many more things to see and do on shore and when you have seen one oil terminal you have seen them all!

My training gave me a broad practical and theoretical engineering knowledge which has given me the skills to have a go at anything. I have built many things over the years and most recently have become interested in making knives.

What makes knife making so interesting is that although the knife is fundamentally a very simple device, its design and manufacture can be complex and involved. There is always something else to discover and learn and I am sure there is still much that I don’t even know that I don’t know!

My interest in knife making started with EDC non locking folders as these are the type of knives I use regularly. Folders are not easiest things for a novice to make and I soon found myself a bit out of my depth. I am currently taking a step back to better learn the skills, science and art of knife making.

Knife making is primarily a hobby for me though I do sell some of the knives I make occasionally to recoup some of the costs. My aim is to produce top quality knives and to enjoy making them, that should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Mike Read